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 D I A G N O S T I C S 

 D I A G N O S T I C S 

We have invested heavily in various diagnostic machines over the years and at present we use Autologic as our main diagnostic machine supplier. They produce machines that are directly comparable to the machines your local main dealers would operate.

From fault codes to live data we are able to diagnose your BMW or BMW MINI to find out what is wrong and why.

 P R O G R A M M I N G ,  C O D I N G  A N D  U P D A T I N G 

Historically if a part failed and needed changing you could remove the defective part, replace it and you were good to go.

Sadly BMW and BMW MINI have made this (for many electrical components) a thing of the past. Instead these parts will need 'coding' or 'programming' into the car to enable them to function fully and remove any fault lights that might be showing.

Our diagnostic machine is capable of doing this as well as enabling hidden features or options that BMW or BMW MINI can have such as flashing indicators when the car is locked, etc.


Updating your cars software to the latest release from BMW or BMW MINI is also something that we offer. BMW and BMW MINI will produce hundreds of updates through the lifetime of a model. Some will be minor to make certain systems run faster and others will be to improve performance or remove bugs. Imagine your BMW or BMW MINI is like your computer at home. These updates are always designed to make things better.

Normally these updates are only available through the main dealer network. We remove this limitation and can offer the same level of updates that your main dealer can.




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